Smithson Valley Youth Football and Cheer

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Smithson Valley Youth Football Association FAQs


QUESTION:  Who do we play?
ANSWER: SVYFA is a member of the Hill Country Youth Football League (HCYFL). The HCYFL is made up of teams from Blanco, Burnet, Liberty Hill, Marble Falls, Llano, Lago Vista, Brady, Johnson City, Mason, San Saba, Kingsland, Goldthwaite, Lampasas, Canyon Lake, and Fredericksburg, Kerrville & Brady.

QUESTION:  What are the SVYFA Boundaries?
ANSWER: Children that attend all elementary schools in Smithson Valley Middle and Spring Branch Middle School feeder pattern are eligible to play and cheer for SVYFA.  These schools include Rahe Bulverde, Timberwood Park, Johnson Ranch, Kinder Ranch, Indian Springs, Garden Ridge, Specht Elementary, Bill Brown, and Arlon Seay, Smithson Valley Middle and Spring Branch Middle schools.  Students who want to play or cheer for SVYFA but who do not attend a Comal ISD school may also be able to participate on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

QUESTION:  When and where do we practice?
ANSWER: Practice starts on August 1st with 10 hours of conditioning that is mandated by the State of Texas. After conditioning, practices are normally 3 days a week until school starts then 2 days a week after that. The practice dates and times will vary depending on the head coach.  Practices are held at a variety of locations in the Bulverde area like Johnson Ranch Elem, Oak Village North Neighborhood Park, Rim Rock Ranch Neighborhood Park, and Bulverde Community Park.

QUESTION:  When are games?
ANSWER: We play our games on Saturdays. There will be a league wide scrimmage/roster certification held on Aug. 19th.  The first game of the season is scheduled for Aug. 26th thru Oct. 15th.  Semi-finals, bowl games, and championship games are scheduled for Oct. 21st and 28th.  The season concludes Oct 28th if your team progresses to the championship game.

QUESTION:  Are games canceled due to weather?
ANSWER: As with practice, we do not cancel games for weather unless there is a significant safety risk. We play in rain, snow, heat, and cold.

QUESTION:  When and where are the games played?
ANSWER: We play every Saturday for 7 weeks beginning Aug. 26th and skipping Labor Day weekend. Every team has the possibility to be eligible for 2 Post Season games. The game locations vary depending on the host association.  We will host three home games and are in the process of finalizing our official home game venue.


QUESTION:  Why do we need to register so early?
ANSWER: The main reason for this is so we can get an accurate head count for the upcoming season, mostly for equipment and volunteer planning needs. Football and Cheer is an expensive sport and we need to make sure that our players have the best and safest equipment available. To insure this, we need to know how many kids we have signed up to determine how many new helmets we need, etc. Helmets are replaced or reconditioned by the manufacturer every year which entails x-raying them to determine if there are any micro cracks and cleaning/replacing the inside padding. This process is expensive but necessary for the safety of our players.

QUESTION:  What happens after I register?
ANSWER: In May, we will host our Annual Unveiling Day. All players and cheerleaders are required to attend to get fitted for their uniforms and equipment. Also, all remaining paper work needs to be turned in at this time and payment for registration must be received. An email will be sent out to everyone who has registered prior to the Fiesta to remind them of the date.

QUESTION:  What other paperwork do I need to provide?
ANSWER: You will be required to provide a copy of your child’s most recent report card.  A current physical will also be required for both football players and cheerleaders prior to our first practice held Aug 1st.

QUESTION:  Is practice canceled due to weather?
ANSWER: Practice is almost never cancelled due to weather. We will practice in the rain, cold, heat, or snow, as long as it's safe for our players.

QUESTION:  Are there tryouts to make a team?
ANSWER: No, there are no tryouts to make any team. There are, however, limits to the number of players allowed on a roster. Positions are assigned at the discretion of the coaches. Players are assigned to a position that best suits their ability and needs of the team.

QUESTION:  What should my child bring to practice?
ANSWER: For the conditioning period they should wear shorts, a t-shirt, cleats, and their helmet. Once they have satisfied the conditioning requirement, we will wear full uniform every practice. This consists of helmet with mouth guard, shoulder pads, practice jersey, pants with all pads, and cleats. All game day equipment, pants and jersey will be provided. Finally, every player should bring PLENTY of water to each practice. We CANNOT over-emphasize the importance of this. We recommend at LEAST 1/2 gallon or more. This will be especially important on hot days.

QUESTION:  How/when do we get the equipment?
ANSWER: Equipment hand-outs are scheduled for teams usually in the last week of July at our "Meet the Coaches" night(s). Check the website for the specific location and dates for this year’s Meet the Coaches event.

QUESTION: How should my child prepare for practice?
ANSWER: Drinking plenty of water prior to practice is key, especially in warm weather. We do not recommend that they eat heavily before practice. It's also a good idea to skip sugary drinks or soda on practice days. Hydration is key especially at the start of the season.

QUESTION: Can my son play up?
ANSWER: Starting 2017 Football season, SVYFA will follow the HCYFL guidelines of enforcing UIL rules to encourage players to play in their grade levels.  Three areas below have been given to support this decision passed on by the Hill Country League.  We look forward to a fun and safe season of continued development in 2017!

Safety -  Best practice to keep a player in his own grade range.

Fairness - To the players, any younger player that prematurely bumps up to the next grade team is taking away playing time from players in that next division. 

Liability - Increases for an organization when they are allowing bump ups without proper reason. 


QUESTION: How can I help?
ANSWER: The Smithson Valley Youth Football Association is run entirely by volunteers and your help is always welcome.  Please contact any one of our board members for further information in helping out.

QUESTION: What is the refund policy?
ANSWER: Refunds in the amount of the player and/or cheerleader registration fee less a $15 administrative processing fee will be considered only if requested before June 15th.  After June 15th and if uniforms have been ordered and a refund is requested, a $50 refund will be processed.  No refunds will be granted after Aug 15th.  Conflicts with schedules are not grounds for a refund. To receive a refund, requests must be in writing via email to a member of the Board of Directors or mailed to:

20540 Hwy 46 W Ste. 115
PMB 164
Spring Branch, Texas 78070